Setting up your running watch: Suunto, Garmin, Coros, Polar, Apple – the how to training guide

Sick of looking down at your running watch and trying to remember when you began and how much time and effort remain in the pain cave of this current interval? Get your training on point with these handy watch set up links, videos, and tips!

Running Watches

At Float we base our training off time and effort; the combo of these two metrics give us some serious gains during the training process.

Make the best use of your running watch to set up various training sessions and intervals which we often incorporate during our training sessions to allows you to focus on what matters most: the running!

make your life easy, your training better


Once you’ve set your various interval durations, keep your head up and work on running between watch vibration and beeps. Don’t keep looking down at the watch, keep going until you hear that beep! Run through the pain, the beep will come!!

Also, don’t worry about pace, heart rate, cadence, and all that other nonsense that comes with modern running watches. All that does is add distraction and waste energy by looking at your watch screen all the time.

The Float way is to go on feeling and intensity. Just in case you need a reminder on what we mean by this, our methodology

The Major Running Watch Brands

We’ve got links to the five major brands below, and where possible, found our favourite easy to follow videos to make setup easy.


Suunto – link to official Suunto Support Guide


Best YouTube vid we found (it’s by the manufacturer so we damn well hope it is the best!)


Ok fair warning this one is tricky! Garmin have so many variations, so we picked the most popular running watch, the Forerunner 245, for the road runners, and the Fenix 5 for the longer trail runners. Please do some extra googling for your exact model, and hit us up if you can’t find yours or need more advice?

Forerunner 245 – link to official Garmin US set up guide


Polar – official Polar Running Watch Guide

Apple Watch

Apple Watch – official Apple Watch User Guide

And we apologise in advance – this dude has fingers like a grizzy bear – but the content makes up for it 🙂

Final Thought

Learning to use your running watch will make your training so much easier, set this up right and then get get out there and hit it hard!