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Training app in your pocket: daily training, notes, tips, advice and direct comms with coaches

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Race specific plans: running training geared towards specific distance, elevation, conditions, location

Float Running Co

Distance plans: running training geared towards popular distances (21k, 42k, 50km, etc.)

Float Running Co

Community = accountability! Haven’t done your run? Everyone else has, so get out and do it!

Float Running Co

Running training methodology: focus on effort & time (simplicity) and not km/pace/heart rate (technical)

Float Running Co

Training blocks: 1) Base 2) Build 3) Peak 4) Taper & Race with sufficient rest/recovery in between

Float Running Co

Race crews social feature: exclusive app access & support from runners in the same plan

Float Running Co

Minimum time, maximum benefit… No junk miles!!

Float Running Co
Running Training

What you get when you train with us

Race Specific Plans

Our bespoke plans are based on personal race experience, a ton of research, and the course profile to account for the challenges they present. Each plan is unique and running training is geared for that race distance, elevation, and technicality.


Race not on our list? No worries, we have plenty of distance plans based on the same principles and running training methods as our race plans.

Start with the free 10k plan and then work your way up to 100 miles, because why not eh?!


We avoid complex metrics and heart rate zones and use a simple but effective time and effort approach to sessions. We make everything easily understandable with varied and challenging tempo and speed sets, hill reps, long runs and more, prepping you to be 100% ready on race day.

running training certification

Jimmy and Mike are fully certified by the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy as  Ultrarunning and Running Coaches, so you're covered both practically and by science-based training methodologies!


Some people love full interaction, some prefer just to quietly get it done. You do you, but either way we've got our in-app coach messaging system for you to fire over any questions and we'll get back to you ASAP, we eat, breathe, and live running!


30,000km and 30+ years of combined running knowledge is peppered into each plan regularly with advice, tips, running hacks, and in-depth articles to broaden your running knowledge and shape you into a better all-round runner.


You'll have access to an exclusive community of like-minded runners via our in-app RACE CREWS feature to share photos and the highs and lows of training. These are runners doing the same plan as you, so you’ll get specific race-focused advice, motivation, and accountability without any background noise!


We all have busy lives, balancing family, friends, work, fitness, and life in general. Your time is precious, so each session targets maximum gains from minimum time with NO JUNK MILES and the added flexibility to change workout days if needed.


Personalised training costs hundreds of $$$ and isn't accessible for all. We offer affordable running training that gets you dedicated coaches and a wide range of detailed plans at a fraction of the cost, allowing more runners from every level to join our community and just run better.

Training in your pocket

The Float App

The Float Running & Ultra Training App

Simple, secure, interactive training app in your pocket

Coach Messaging

Direct access to a dedicated qualified running coach with targeted training sessions and simplified tracking

Personal Running Calendar

Plan your life and runs and change your workout date to fit your schedule

Race and distance specific training groups

Exclusive access to your Race Crew social feed to connect, train, learn, support, and share the highs and lows of running, together!

And loads more features…

running terminology explained • training and race day advice • performance charts • personal data control • with more to come…

Getting Started

Start Training in 4 Easy Steps

  • Download the 'Float Running & Ultra Training' app in the Play or Apple stores

  • Sign up for free and find the plan that suits you best

  • Subscribe with a one-off affordable fee, no hidden extra costs

  • Running training starts every Monday (distance plans) or 12-16 weeks before the specific race

Race Specific

Upcoming Programmes & Marathons

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FREE 10km Trial Plan
$ O

Get started for free / nada 

8 weeks to your personal best

Zero commitments

* reduced coach interaction but we're still there when needed
Race Specific Plans
$ 65 avg.

Addo Elephant Trail Run

Karkloof 100

Lavaredo Ultra Trail Series

RuNyanga Ultra Trail

And more added regularly

* plans range from 12- to 16-weeks
Distance Plans
$ 40 avg.



50km to 200 mile

* 12 weeks for 21/42km, prices & weeks vary for longer distances